Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Buenos Dias...

One of the RP’s (enlisted personnel who support the chaplains) took me out to snorkel today. We made it to the Dominican Republic and back. Okay – we did not get quite that far.

It was beautiful. The RP had a waterproof digital camera. He took great pictures. I am even in a couple of them. We saw all matter of fish and coral. There was one coral that looked and moved like a waving leaf. There was a gorgeous iridescent blue fish, and another with stripes that is appropriately called a sergeant-major.

Jennifer bought me a new bathing suit last year. It is bright red, with a lovely Hawaiian pattern. Guess what folks! It is too big. The good news is that I did not lose it at any time. It has safety pins in it now to cinch the waist just a little bit. I no longer have to worry about waves.

When I was in high school, we were reviewing dangling clauses in grammar class. I remember one of the examples: “his trunks came off swimming across the lake.” What is dangling?

Note to self: try on new bathing suit before bringing it with you.

By the way, I always swim with a swim shirt on. It occurs to me that men should adhere to a certain degree of modesty, even when poolside. Jewish law addresses this concern, and does not differentiate in this regard between the requirements for women and the requirements for men.

I met two of the members of the Jewish community this evening. They were lovely people. She runs the seniors’ residence here on base. You might be thinking: why is there a seniors’ residence on a military base. Apparently, right after Fidel came to power and relations broke off, several Cubans were offered the possibility of living on base, working, earning a pension, and being promised a place to live in their senior years. 23 of them are still alive.

Two Cubans remain who were allowed to work on base after relations broke off. Every day, they leave via the north gate. They have to change clothes before going back into Cuba proper.

Good night all.


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