Saturday, March 16, 2013

Computers and Comments

Top of the afternoon all...

We are down three computers right now.  Ahh....Keren spilled seltzer on her computer last year.  My brother has it.  It works again.  She will get it back at Pesach.  Gavi has an old machine.  The screen is broken.  Technically, it is only half-broken.  The image at the top is fine.  On our main computer, the one with all of our pictures and the chequebook, the hard drive has decided to call it a day.  It is five years old.  Thankfully, my brother backed it up on Saturday.

We have the adults' laptop and an ipad.  Jennifer used the computer today, and I could not.

Comments...I like comments on my blog.  I always remember though to write my own comments in such a way as to foster healthy conversation without inviting people to read elsewhere.