Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tisha b'Av

Top of the evening to all...

The saddest day on the Jewish calendar is Tisha b’Av.  The Mishnah teaches us that five calamities befell our ancestors on this day.  History has added many more.  We mourn these calamities collectively on this one day.

Because it is a sad day, it has become a day of fasting.  Jewish tradition (as well as practicality) teaches that we should have a seudah mafseket, a meal to lead into the fast.  We try not to overdo it.

Amongst the other things put on the table up here at camp, there was cereal.  A good carbohydrate load is important going into a fast.  I enjoyed a bowl of cereal with my dinner.  It was Rice Krispies, because…

It is fun to put snap, crackle, pop into your mourning.

Have a great evening everyone.


P.S.  You have no idea how much fun this was to write.