Thursday, July 19, 2012

JPJ: Take 2

Top of the evening all...

So last Sunday, I told all of you that I made and attempt to ride a bicycle up a steep hill. The hill is called ‘JPJ,’ short for “John Paul Jones.” On Sunday, I huffed and I puffed, and I rode and I walked, and somehow made it the top. I did not have my camera. I would go back.

So on Monday, I started back up to the top. About two thirds of the way up, I ran over something pointy. I walked the bicycle back down. I replaced the inner tube.

The new inner tube was supposed to be self-sealing. I got another flat on Tuesday, not on the hill. That tube is now replaced.

Today, I brought the camera. There were some things I was not allowed to photograph. I rode all but about 200 feet. I do not need to go back up that hill again.


Addendum: On Thursday morning, the bicycle had another flat tire.

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