Monday, July 30, 2012

The Joke

I have been working on a joke this evening.  The punchline hit me on the way out of a restaurant.  My loyal readers (all of you) get to read the first run.

In one of the neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, a laffa restaurant opened.  For those of you who do not know, a laffa is a large, round, soft pita.  Anyway, the restaurant gains popularity.

Word travels.  Eventually, one of the local mob bosses walks in.  He looks at the menu and orders a laffa.

The waiter brings out the don's order.  He does not like it.  The don sends it back, and asks for a different laffa.

And the same result happens.  He does not like it.  He sends the laffa back.  He orders something else.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the chef is getting annoyed.  The sous-chef asks what he is going to do next.  The chef looks at him and responds: "I'm gonna make him a laffa he can't refuse."

Good night.


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