Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hottest Spot East-Southeast of Havana

Hi all...

When I got to Florida yesterday, the cab to the base had no air conditioning. For about 30 minutes, we had to go with the old 2-70 method – 2 windows, 70 miles per hour. We could not hear a thing.

So I arrived in Guantanamo today. It is hot and humid, much as I imagined. The bay is simply gorgeous, and begging for a swim. I will oblige.

On the negative side, the lodge where I am staying does not have internet. I think it is the last such lodge in the history of humanity. The commissary is missing some of what I regard as basics – bread with kosher supervision, a large selection.

On the positive side, someone loaned me a bicycle. Life is good. I have never seen iguana that large outside of a zoo. I will get a picture. The kitchenette in the lodge has metal pots and pans. I kashered pots and silverware today, and was able to get some spaghetti to have for dinner over a few nights. I am sure that there are a few books here in the library that I have not read. It will be fine for the two weeks that I am here.

Buenas Noches.


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