Sunday, July 22, 2012

Codename: Operation Avocado

Hi all...

The chapel area has a simply lovely courtyard.  It has trees.  It has tables.  People come up that way to hang out because there is a semblance of internet. 

In one corner of the courtyard, there is a tall avocado tree.  We decided that we would denude it.  There was a serious reason, of course.  We were concerned, naturally, that the risk of falling avocadoes while children might be around on Sunday was a danger we could not accept.  And so we initiated “Operation Avocado.”

We got a fruit-picking pole, and we were able to remove the 15 most likely culprits, those that looked as though they might fall.  I have three of them.

One of the RP’s suggested that we chop it up, and then mix it with milk and sugar.  Please note here: in South America, the avocado is treated as a fruit, and will often appear as dessert on the table.  One of the other RP’s is giving some serious thought to guacamole.

I will have one of mine straight tomorrow.  I think it needs another day.  The other two will follow in due course.

I want to make it clear that at no time were thinking about our taste buds.  Our primary concern has been and always will be the inherent danger of falling ripe, fresh, tasty avocadoes, as well as the safety of our children.


P.S.  And I will not even begin to talk about the mango I had.  It is a shame that there was no one with whom to share it.  As you are aware, it takes two to mango.

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  1. In Hawaii we had a serious risk of falling mangos. Actually, sometimes at night a mango would fall from the tree, and hit our shed. As it hit the metal roof it would sound like a bomb going off. Perhaps we needed to denude that tree. We probably could have done it with a fruit-picking pole from the second story window.

    Somehow, even with the ground littered with avocados, never once was a child beaned by one.

    BTW, while not fresh from the tree (which can't be beat), we're having Israeli mangos for Shabbat dessert!