Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Thought It Was a Non-Event...

Top of the evening to all...

It has now been three weeks since the appendectomy.  As I have said to everyone, I felt much better the next day.  I was functional within a week.  I felt like I was 100% by the time I got home two weeks afterwards.  Looking back, I was not 100% at that time.  I am now 100%.

Everyone is still concerned.  I get all manner of question on how I am feeling.  I feel fine.  I really do.  I find myself puzzled by the questions.  I appreciate the concern.  By all means, keep asking.  I have to remember that I had surgery.  It is routine for everyone except the patient.  My friends and congregants are aware of that.  That is why everyone is asking.

On a separate note, there is a short prayer we are supposed to say after surviving a harrowing experience.  According to Jewish Law, such harrowing experiences would include intercontinental flight, significant illness, childbirth, surgery, leaving jail, or leaving a combat zone.  I said this prayer.  In my own mind though, it was not for the surgical procedure itself.  It was more for the illness, which, if not caught in time, would have presented a much more serious health issue.

Have a good evening...


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  1. Wow if I had to say that prayer after each harrowing experience I'd have to say it after leaving work (our campus isn't the most safe environment), driving home safely after work and crossing the street trying to get to our mailbox (have you seen some of the crazy drivers out there), passing through airport security and then well flying is a harrowing experience these days all on it's own. Not to make light of the prayer itself just to send a little humour your way because after all laughter is the best medicine.