Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Difficult Choices

Top of the evening all...

The President is facing a remarkably difficult set of decisions right now.  As you are aware, the Syrian army has seen it fit to use chemical weapons on its own population.  It is a vile act of a cruel despot.


1.  Do nothing.  It has the advantage of not affecting the status quo.
2.  Use the US military for some sort of strike.  It also has the advantage of not affecting the status quo, but at least we do not look foolish for having declared and then ignored a red line.

The problem within Syria is that the President must consider what the effects of such a strike might be.  He could unseat the butcher in Damascus.  The challenge there is that those attempting to do precisely that would then turn their weapons on each other.  Syria would likely be in a state of civil war for another decade.  At the end of that civil war, Syria would likely be ruled by a brutal theocracy.  On the other hand, left alone, the butcher of Damascus will likely put this rebellion down.  Syria will then be ruled by a brutal autocracy.

The choice comes down to the following question: do we support that which is reprehensible, or that which is abhorrent?

Perhaps I am glad I was not elected President.  It is generally a bad thing to feel like one must shower after making a decision.

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