Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Top of the evening to all...

Two interesting things happened over the last week or so.  They were feel-good events for me, even though I was not remotely involved in either one.

The first occurred with Jesse.  We needed something at the butcher shop.  Jennifer called them to take care of it, and to tell them that Jesse would be in to pick it up in a few minutes.  They knew he was my kid the instant he walked in the door.  How?  He had his bicycle helmet on his head.  All of Jewish Toronto knows I ride everywhere.  Most of Jewish Toronto has heard me say that "the more I drive in this town, the more I like my bicycle."

The second occurred with Jennifer.  She was conducting a funeral.  As I always do, she rode to the cemetery with the funeral director.  It would appear that the people at the funeral home appreciate working with me.  They can tell the military background.  They say it shows in the way I carry myself. They say it shows in the fact that I always start right on time.

There are too many rabbis out there with reputations I would not want to have.  As well, it is too easy to destroy a reputation.  To have a reputation of being on the bicycle, to have a reputation of having the military is nice to have reputations that fit so neatly with my own self-perception.


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