Saturday, November 17, 2012

"It All Started When Israel Fired Back."

Such was the phrase in a sympathetic letter to the National Post.  The willing liars and useful idiots of the world have picked up on that theme.

Warnings about dangerous escalation and reminders to exercise restraint abound.  While this time, most of them do contain the statement that Hamas must stop launching missiles, many in that part of the world have conveniently, deliberately ignored more than 100 rockets that the peace-loving neighbours to the south of Israel lobbed across an internationally-recognized border.  It makes those calls for restraint most galling.  When over 750 rockets have been fired at Israel in 2012, one is forced to wonder why it is that waiting 10.5 months before shooting back in earnest is not the definition of restraint.

I have bad news.  In war, people die.  In war, civilians die.  It is not ideal, not remotely.  It is incumbent on all combatants to ensure that civilians are kept out of the line of fire.  This means that the folks in Gaza are committing war crimes in firing missiles at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, cities with no intrinsic military value.  This means that the folks in Gaza have blood on their hands, both the blood of the civilians they have murdered in Israel, and the blood of their own people whom they have deliberately, callously placed in harm's way.

Furthermore, international law specifically forbids deploying troops and weapons in civilian areas.  To do so is a gross violation of any basic human decency, as it renders those areas legitimate, legal military targets.  It is not illegal to destroy rocket launchers, even when placed in the basement of someone's home.

The folks in Gaza have targeted schools and homes.  They have targeted buses.  It is not peace that they seek.  It is war.  They can couch their lies however they so desire.  A lie though is a lie, no matter how pretty its appearance.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Good night.


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