Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day

Good evening all...

In less than 27 hours, voting will start in New Hampshire.  As the day progresses, the citizens of the United States will commence their civic duty and privilege of voting for the next President.

Throughout the last several months, we have lost sight of too many things.  The rhetoric in this campaign from both sides has been shrill, childish, and appalling.

This election is not about President Obama or about Governor Romney no more or less than it is about any other person.  It is about a nation.

As such, I will not make the tired wish of "may the better man win"  I believe them both to be decent men.  We are not qualified to stand in judgment of who is the better man.  It is not about either man.

May the nation win.

Those of you who vote in the United States, please vote carefully.

Good night.


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