Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This One Lasted Over Two Months!!

Good morning everyone.

My kids go through backpacks at a pace sufficient to support the entire industry.  We always end up buying them a new pack at the beginning of the school year.  At least one will need a replacement by the end of the first semester.

Backpacks fall victim to faulty manufacturing.  They fall victim to the slings and arrows of outrageous bouncing down the steps.  They fall victim to gross tonnage, either in them or on top of them.

Today, another backpack met its demise.  I am crushed.  So was the backpack.  I thought Keren had put it in the car.  Gavi had closed the trunk of the car.  That was a logical conclusion.  I walked up the other side of the car.  Our carpool driver did the logical thing.  She put the car into reverse to take our children to school.  I heard the sound.  Keren said that I always put it in the car because she cannot lift it that high.  I thought I always put it in the car because it sped everyone's departure.

In either event, this backpack has gone the way of the world.  We purchased it in August.

When we first moved to Toronto, we found a luggage and backpack store near our home.  I am certain by now that we have paid at least a month's rent on it.  And back we go.

Have a good day.


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  1. Hi Rav Sean you should get a good back pack from Tent City at Steeles and Dufferin. They have a lot of selection and some really tough backpacks and their prices are good too. I use a backpack everyday for work and mine is now going for a new record.....a whole year without having to be replaced.