Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Special Thanks to the Lady at Tim Horton's

Hi all...

I was driving home from Buffalo on Monday after reserve duty.  I had slept about 90 minutes the night before.  I was also still in uniform.

Due to the lack of sleep, I thought a caffeine boost might be in order.

I pulled off the highway and found a Tim Horton's.  It is normally not my favourite cup of coffee, but it is always fresh.  There I was, exhausted, and still in uniform.  The lady behind the counter had every reason to conclude that I was fatigued.  She gave me my coffee for free, because that is what she does for folks who wear uniforms.

To the lady behind the counter at the Tim Horton's on Erin Mills just north of the QEW, thank you.

Have a good evening all.


P.S.  To GS, yes, the horrible pun was intentional.

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