Monday, December 31, 2012

Choosing One's Aggravation

Hi all...

Jennifer and I drove down to my parents house in the DC suburbs last week.  According to, the fastest way is down US 219, a road that cuts through Western New York and into Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, that road is a winding, annoying road.  If you get stuck behind the 18-wheeler, you will be stuck behind the 18-wheeler.

We left Thursday evening 10 days ago.  There was supposed to be a snowstorm in Western Pennsylvania, right where we were set to go down.  I changed my route to the alternate route, 20 minutes longer, but over open roads.  This route turns south at Corning, NY.

We stopped for the night.  On Friday morning, we left in a mixture of snow and rain, which ended about 20 minutes into Pennsylvania.  It was clear sailing.

Coming back up, we were faced with the same weather problem.  I made the same choice in reverse.

It was at that point that I realized that the route 15 trip is easier.  Yes, it is a little slower, but on the whole route up, there is about 40 miles of 2-lane road.  The rest is 4-lane highway, and just a delight to drive.  Going up 219, the drive has at least 100 miles of 2-lane highway.

I do not want to be in the car 20 minutes longer than necessary.

I also prefer the easier, more relaxing, and far less annoying drive that takes the extra 20 minutes.

One way or another, there will be some aggravation.

Jennifer and I will now always take the easier drive, despite the extra time.  We have chosen which aggravation we will take.  Open roads and easier driving are less aggravating than 100 miles on slow back roads.

My friends, only the roads and the stripes are black and white.  Very little else is.  When we live our lives in the greys, many decisions become more difficult.

Have a good evening.


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