Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Well That's No Fun

Hi all...

I have high blood pressure. When going for a routine physical, I mentioned to my doctor that various drug store sphygmomanometers had found me at unreasonably high numbers. He checked, and those meters were correct. The best way to measure though is to wear a meter for a full day. I did.

My doctor e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that my blood pressure is high. He would like to start me on medication soonest.

Soonest is three weeks. I am in South Carolina (not at surfing college) with the Navy. In three weeks, I intend to sleep more than six hours a night. I intend to hit the racquetball court on a daily basis. I went to the commissary yesterday. I bought lots of fruit, but not one piece of chocolate. I am hoping that in three weeks, I can drop my blood pressure significantly.

I am hoping. I am not actually expecting.

Such is life. Folks, check your blood pressure. If it is high, see a doctor. If you have not seen a doctor in a significant amount of time, see one anyway. It is good to touch base.

Have a good evening.


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  1. Hi Rav Sean, How about a new sport that is good for you yet relaxing? My neighbour taught me how to stand up paddle board. Kind of like a cross between surfing with a paddle on a board that is wider than a surfboard and very stable. Once you get the hang of it it's fun, good for you and peaceful. It's even something you can do with the kids. If you're interested in a demo have a look on the web at Surf Ontario and ask for my friend Mike Sandusky.