Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sequel

Hi all...

I am in the deep south right now. Perhaps it should be 'Shalom Ya'all.'

Anyway, thank you to GS for suggesting some other books I might have had with me. Two out of my three extras could have easily been changed for the books she suggested. However, there is no way I am giving up on the survival manual.

One of the books GS suggested was "Exodus," by Leon Uris. She is right. I would likely switch that out with Robinson Crusoe. I am the descendant of a shipwrecked people, as are most of my loyal readers.

I have read most of Leon Uris's books. He spent part of his boyhood in Norfolk, VA. I went to high school there. If you read the book "Armageddon," you will find that one of the characters to arrive late in the book, a pilot, went to Matthew Fontaine Maury High School. I know for a fact that it is a real name. I graduated from there in 1987.

I thought that you might be interested in what some of my classmates picked. Please note that someone, either I or they, misunderstood the instructions. I thought that we were not to supposed to pick anything canonical. By that, I also thought that we should avoid things that are semi-canonical. The writings of the Ramban would qualify here, just for example.

17 of the books they picked were in the theological realm. Nothing was canonical, but there were many authors listed who were pivotal theological figures amongst our Christian friends. Wesley and Thomas Aquinas are at the front of that pack.

Stepping outside the theological world, authors included JRR Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain, and Louis L'Amour. It seems to be a well-read group.

They also asked me if I might suggest one semi-canonical book. I ended up with "The Sabbath," by R. Abraham Joshua Heschel. It would seem to me that finding a way to sanctify time is a useful skill to have when stranded on a desert island.

Have a good evening.


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