Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And It Is Only Wednesday...

Good evening all...

So first of all, I would like to congratulate my team for the Zareinu Move-a-Thon. We all rode well. Special kudos go to Jesse, who rode 50 kilometres without a whimper, and decided he wanted to do the 100k next year. Jesse was riding with a friend. They got lost (took a detour). I am glad, as they were ahead of us. Had Jesse finished ahead of me, I never would have heard the end of it.

I have my first blog follower whose name I do not recognize. That is quite flattering. Welcome aboard to CM.

I wanted to thank GS and DKW for their comments to the entry on self care. It is interesting to realize that there are different types of martyrdom. We clergy are so used to being of the giving type that we sometimes do not do as well being of the taking type. It is not a bad thing. Still, it is difficult to learn.

Okay folks - this is where we cross into the area of adults only. I have read mommy porn. That's right ladies and gentlemen. I read "50 Shades of Grey." Whilst I doubt very much that any of my readers desire a Red Room of Pain, the book raised some questions for me.

As you may know, the author is a 50-year old mother of two. I am not quite at that age (42). Still, women at about Jennifer's and my life stage are the target audience for this book. I have no clue anymore what it means to be single. I am quite happy about that. All you married folks out there, these are the questions that the book raised for me:

1. Are there depths of sexual relations that couples have not plumbed, but perhaps might be willing?
2. If so, how do we communicate this to our spouses?
3. Ladies, are we, your loyal and valiant husbands, failing to excite you? I suppose the ladies out there might wish to ask their husbands the same question.

I hope that after reading this blog entry, you will all still respect me in the morning.

Have a good evening.


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