Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well That's Interesting...

Thank you to DKW for the advice on the exercise. As well, thank you to DS for telling me not to tarry as far as blood pressure medication. I promise everyone - I will take care of myself. I am actually paying attention to the doctor. He is not worried about a short delay in starting the medication.

In the time I have been here, I have mostly avoided unhealthy food. My snacks now are apples and almonds. It is not entirely boring. Emerald Nuts produces a canister of almonds coated with cocoa. It is quite tasty. As well, I have been on the racquetball court every day. I play usually for about 20-25 minutes. After that, I try to beat the previous day's number of consecutive 'kosher' volleys - no more than one bounce prior to returning the ball to the wall. Today, I got to 59. Tomorrow will not be easy. I have also been sleeping an appropriate amount.

The result, according to the machine at the commissary, is that both numbers on my pressure are down about 10 points.

Supermarket machines are fairly accurate. Still, it is a one-time reading, as opposed to wearing a monitor for 24 hours.

The curiosity now is this: I seriously doubt that diet and exercise changes could have such a profound impact in less than a week. My work day being a little shorter, not involving evenings, and not having to run kids to school or karate might have such a quick response.

I keep coming back to the same reaction. I am going to have to sell a kid.

Have a good evening.


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