Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Many Subjects to Give a Title

Good evening all.

Great title, n'est-ce pas? That is what happens when I cannot think of a title.

I would normally never correct Jennifer in public. It is rude and abusive. However, she asked me to. The exact wording from her blog entry "Perspective Is Everything - Children and Marriage" should have been: "I am really angry at you. I am wrong, but I am angry." I do not remember the issue. It is not important. We did laugh about it. By the way, whatever concerns she has had about kick-boxing and results on the scale, I would just like to say that I have seen results. For all of us, there is more to our physical shapes than the scale is able to report. In this regard, you are not permitted to ask further.

My blog needs a passport. At this point, it has been viewed on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica. It would seem like penguins should be able to have computer access. I imagine their search engine would be Safari. I picked up Brazil and Ethiopia this week. The blog has over 9000 hits, and not all of them are mine. The most common page is my rules of marriage from January 2011.

I was playing racquetball today. I hit the tip of my right ring finger with the edge of the racquet. There is a bruise there.

Speaking of fingers, my wedding ring is presently on my left pinky. I was bored in class the other day, and somehow managed to wrest it off my ring finger. It had plenty of room at the base of my finger, but could not get over the knuckle. The ring had become uncomfortable. I have not had that ring off of that finger in over two years, and probably much longer. The finger is a different shape now.

I am afraid of losing the ring. It slips off my pinky quite easily, though it does not fall if the pinky is upside-down. I like the way it looks on my pinky. I have also worn it on my watchband over the last couple of days. My Marines will often do that. It will not get caught on a trigger or on the safety if it is away from the hand.

We will conclude our course here on Friday. It has been a good course. We spent three weeks discussing leadership solely from the perspective of the chaplain. This program was not the usual "Death by PowerPoint." We had to write a six-page paper on the intersection of theology and leadership. It is fascinating to see the different approaches my colleagues took. On an aside, of the 11 of us in the class, three of us started chaplain school together in 1995. One more graduated chaplain school with the same three in 1997. It is hard to believe that I have known them for close to two decades.

Go to bed everyone.


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