Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stormy Weather

So, since no one voted on my name for the typhoon report, I am going to go with “Stormy Weather.” The reason is that next week, we switch to our winter uniforms. As such, the dress uniform will be…..blues.

Anyway, Choba was most certainly a typhoon. The wind blew. The rain fell. It was quite an event to watch. I heard of some house damage, but the only evidence I saw was branches everywhere. Past that, it seems to have been a mouse that roared. We all got a day off of work for it. I only wish that they had gotten us that message the night before. I would not have set my alarm.

Since then, I took a long bicycle ride to see the ruins of Katsuren Castle. Clearly there was something there. What struck me about it was the location. It was perched quite high. The castle lies high up on a peninsula, with a clear view of Kinbu Bay and of the Philippine Sea. As well, you can see some of the outlying islands from there.

Life is otherwise calm. I am going to take the tunnel rats tour in a couple of weeks to see where the Japanese fortified themselves for the invasion of Okinawa in 1945. We have a 96-hour weekend coming next week for Veteran's Day. I will most certainly do something, though I have yet to figure out what.

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