Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alcohol Drove Me to Deface Government Property

No...really. Last week was a strange week. I had two officers come to see me about alcohol concerns. You really do not see this in the officer ranks. Anyway, one of them was sent. Another one decided that there was a problem when he did not know the name of the person next to him one morning. Please note - he is not married. He referred himself to me. I will figure out how to push him towards a formal evaluation next week. In the meantime, he promises me at the end of every work day that he will not drink that evening. I check in with him the next morning. The challenge is that we are starting a four-day weekend now. I made him promise that he would not drink tonight. I made him promise that he would have a two drink maximum for the rest of the weekend (he has been able to stop himself when he has fallen off the wagon - that bodes well).

I asked him to give me his cash. This is where I defaced government property. I took my chaplain insignia (two tablets and a little Magen David) and attached it to his money. He was thus not able to spend without physically dealing with my tablets staring him in the face. Then I made him promise that he would pay for his drinks over the weekend, and made clear that I wanted my insignia back on Monday morning. I will check in with him every day over the weekend. I will let you all know how it went.

Next week - formal evaluation for him.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the United States readers out there. To all of the Canadians, most Jews in the US celebrate Thanksgiving.

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