Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mom always told me...

...not to go shopping when I am hungry. Let's expand on that just a bit. I also could not go shopping on Sunday morning. I go on bicycle, and it was raining. Last, being hungry with a backpack means multiple shopping trips. Let us then expand on Mom's rule. Never go shopping when you are hungry, when you missed your last shopping day, and when your only means of conveyance has you with your groceries on your back. I was able to do it in two trips today. Luckily, the commissary is not that far. I was going to buy peanuts, but they were not nut-free.

Anyway, I sent up a recommendation this week to name the Jewish Congregation on Base for Corporal Samuel Gross, the only Jewish Marine to earn (not win!!) the Medal of Honor (I will switch back to Canadian spelling when I am back in that country). Hopefully, it will be approved. The congregation voted unanimously on that name.

I now have my sixth e-mail account. One more, and I should be able to rest. This one is sean.c.gorman@usmc.mil. Feel free to ignore it. I can check all of my others with no difficulty.

I hope all is well out there in Blog-follower-ville.

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