Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Treif Treif Treif

Good afternoon all....

Every once in a while, I enjoy a shot of tequila. Sometimes, people will ask me about the little worm. I tell them it goes very well in spaghetti sauce (kidding). With the little worm, it is no longer tequila. It is mezcal. It is most certainly not kosher. The worm renders all sorts of kashrut problems, even if it is less than a sixtieth.

In my life, I never thought I would see something like that. I have never seen a bottle of mezcal. Today, I have seen way beyond that. It starts with sake, to which the distiller adds a habu viper. That image will stay with me for a long time. Next time I am there, I will have the camera with me. The picture is just too much to resist. In the meantime, I am copying a link so you can read about that on your own.

Anyway, one of my loyal followers asked me about the Jewish congregation here on island. They are an eclectic group, as most military congregations are. They are from everywhere. Most of us are what I call geographical orphans. Our families are elsewhere. I usually have about 17-20 on a Friday evening. There are no Shabbat morning services, much to my chagrin. I may start one, depending on how many are interested. Keren would be especially thrilled. It seems that the children are all young ladies, aged 8-10. Come to think of it, Gavi would probably like that too. They are thirsty for rabbinic leadership. With the shortage of Navy Rabbis, they sometimes go for long periods without a rabbinic presence.

The Jewish Chapel is small. I have seats in there for about 22, but room for a dozen more. It has a fairly complete library, to which I will add a few things while I am here. As well, I hope to have the Seabees build a nice reading table for it. Right now, there is no table suitable for Torah reading.

Finally, today is 10 November 2010. 235 years ago at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress authorized two battalions of Marines to be established. The Corps has a storied history, taking place throughout the world. We wish a happy birthday and Semper Fidelis to the Marines.

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