Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lena Horne or Billy Joel

I will let you all make the call. Would you like to name this blog entry "Stormy Weather" or "Storm Front"?

We are under a typhoon warning (again). This one will likely at least strike a glancing blow to the island. Interestingly, the package stores on base will not sell alcohol when we get to a certain point in the warning scale. They do not want Marines going out on the roof during these storms. I am used to the east coast. There, when a hurricane comes ashore, it comes, and by that point it goes its merry way fairly quickly. This typhoon is just taking its time.

It is raining, again, as a result. We had four days of sunshine and lollipops, and now....

I checked out three movies from the library. There are books here. All is set.

GS: Note position of quotation marks yet again. This time, the question mark logically should be outside the quotation mark, as it is part of the full question as opposed to part of the song title.

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