Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take a Left at Typhoon Alley

For those of you who do not know, Okinawa is in an area of the Pacific known as "Typhoon Alley." We have no typhoon warning in effect at this time. There is nothing forming in the Pacific. We have not battened down the hatches and stocked up on bottled water. There was one over the week though that romped through the Philippines. We have gotten all of the rain that did not fall there. When one is either on foot or on bicycle, all of that rain really crimps one's style.

Near here, there is a bridge, about a mile long, that goes out to a nearby island. I am going to ride out there on Sunday.

I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of humidity here. When I woke up this morning, the walls of my room were quite wet. The floor had a visible puddle, about six inches in diameter (15 centimetres for you metric folks). Now I know why the room has a dehumidifier. For the sake of the tefillin and the computer, it will get plenty of use.

It is 7:15 PM here. I am going to make a reasonable attempt to be in bed before 9:30.

Note to GS: On "Typhoon Alley," I placed the period outside the quotation marks. I seem to recall that this is consistent with the American system of grammar. It does not seem logical in certain cases though. Old habits die hard.

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