Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Quaint...

Top of the evening everyone...

The temperature here in Quantico today rose to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was downright balmy.  It is supposed to drop to 16 tonight, and hang out around the freezing mark tomorrow.

On Tuesday, it snowed here.  The staff in the chaplain's office was talking about whether the command would decide to shut down the base.  I was chuckling.

The flakes were big and beautiful.  The trees had that wonderful look of fresh snow on bare branches.  On Wednesday, it was well above freezing.  Virtually all of the snow that fell on Tuesday is gone.

I suppose perspective is in order today.  Snow squalls caused a 96-car pileup on the southbound 400.  I have not seen the front lawn of my home since the ice storm back in December.  That is now over two months.

On another note, I so love honesty in signage.  At the post exchange (sort of a military department store), there are signs up for the different sections of the store, as one might expect to find at any department store.  This sign reads "Toys/Hardware."

Have a good evening.


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