Monday, March 10, 2014

Separation Issues...

Top of the evening all....

Apparently, I have separation issues.  I separated my shoulder.  I also broke a bone that heretofore I did not even know existed.  It is called the coracoid process.  My arm is in a sling.  I will see what my doctor says about it tomorrow.

A process is a type of bone that is attached only at one end.  You might be familiar with the xiphoid process at the base of the sternum.  In any event, while a process is attached at one end, mine is not attached at all.

Jesse insists that I am too old to play racquetball.  Jennifer thinks I should stick to people my own age.  Playing against Marines is not going to be a successful endeavour.

Anyway, other things I have learned:

1.  The ability to tie one's own shoes should not be taken for granted.
2.  Childproof caps are quite the thing to open the first night with the injury and the meds.
3.  The pat on the shoulder is more common than I ever realized.  Wow...Ouch...

It is my deepest hope that the boys can learn to play ping pong together.  I will be out of commission for a while.  As well, I am likely off my bicycle until it heals.  Gavi got in trouble when he injured his collarbone and then went for a bike ride.  As his father, I should probably be an example.

Have a good evening everyone.


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  1. Oh no I hope you get better soon. You should get some tips on how to do everyday stuff from my Dad as he dislocated his shoulder a few years ago while cross country skiing while on a medical conference. He emphatically told my Mom that he would be ok and not to worry. That was until he was home a day early with someone else driving his car. He came home to pack for his trip to the hospital. I ended up being his driver for a few weeks.