Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hints of Fruit...

Top of the evening to all....

A couple of years ago, we had a group of folks at our evening minyan who liked to take a shot of scotch every evening after services.  I am not a teetotaller.  Still, I usually do not drink in the building, and certainly not during synagogue events.  My deep, dark inner self believes that synagogues should be dry.

Anyway, they had finished one bottle, and had started a duplicate.  The synagogue ritual director and I took the empty bottle and poured into it an equal amount of apple juice.  Then we switched the bottles.  They all took their sip, and then looked at each other with weird expressions.  Finally, some said: "is this apple juice?"  At this point, the ritual director and I burst out laughing.  It was a truly wonderful, funny, and entirely harmless prank.

I decided to repeat the prank.  A different crowd of people likes to go into the office on Shabbat morning and have a sip.  In the office, there were two empty bottles and another bottle that was about a third of the way full.  I took one of the empty bottles and put in an equal amount of apple juice, and then put it in front.  I put the real bottle in back of the other two so that it would not be taken.

One of the women filled the shot glasses with apple juice.  The men took their sips and had the same expression as the group from a couple of years prior.  The woman who had poured saw two bottles of the same scotch, both filled about a third of the way.  She decided to combine them.

It is 36 hours later.  I am still laughing.

Have a good evening everyone.



  1. Your favourite pronouns appear to be "I" and "my." I do not think that the ritual director is your personal underling. It is more appropriate to say, "The synagogue's ritual director."