Monday, February 10, 2014

Lowering Standards...

Top of the evening everyone.

The streets are still not clear enough for me to be out on my bicycle.  It has been annoying, and has frankly slowed me down a great deal.

Today, I had to walk up to the bank from the office.  It is a distance of about 3/10 of a kilometre.  As I was walking, I thought it was comparatively warm out.  Apparently, it was a balmy -6 degrees centigrade (22 degrees Fahrenheit).  It was a nice, comfortable walk.  I suppose that when we consider that it has been far colder than that in recent memory, -6 is comfortable.  This is the first of our lowering standards.

Some months back, I wrote an entry about having outpaced a TTC bus on my bicycle.  Today, I took my walk to the bank at about 5:15 PM.  I was faster than the cars.  Admittedly, Bathurst Street from the office up to Steeles is bad at that time of day.  Still, that is just pathetic.

Have a good evening.


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