Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Family Unplugged...

Top of the afternoon all...

I have elected to use Jennifer's title for my blog entry.  It is on the same thing.  I also have not read her entry.  It will give all of you a chance to see if we are or are not the same person.

We were amongst the very lucky.  Our power was down only for about 20 hours.  The house had gotten quite cold by the end of that time, registering at 12 degrees centigrade (54 degrees Fahrenheit).  We spent a good chunk of time in the den, with the fireplace going strong.  We went through about half of our stash of firewood.  The den smelled of smoke for days.

There was enough juice in the computers to watch a movie.  So we did.  As well, some of the kosher restaurants up in Vaughan were open, so we were able to have hot dinner.

Earlier in the day, Jesse and Gavi were listening to the radio in the kitchen.  Gavi had taken a toy horse and was using it as a guitar.  Jesse was 'playing' the harmonica.  I got wonderful video of the both of them.  See below.

We might have worked on a puzzle until the house got too cold.  I do not remember.

Anyway, after all is said and done, we had a lovely family day.  Being free of the computers, the phone, and all other manner of electronic device (with the exception of the radio and watching a movie) gave us the opportunity to talk to each other and enjoy each other's company.  Even the kids enjoyed it.

I am glad to report that most of the lights are back on in the GTA.  Our 20 hours of darkness was ultimately nothing compared to what others had to endure.

Also, we have to buy salt, non-perishable foods, and an assortment of batteries.  I have no clue as to whether we will be prepared for the next storm.  We will certainly be ready for the last one that came through.


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