Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Am Not Jinxing Myself...

טוב לכת אל בית אבל מלכת אל בית משתה

It is better to go to the home a mourner than to attend a wedding.  These are the words of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes).

I am not entirely sure as to the point of this quote.  My colleagues have commented from time to time that the house of a mourner tends to have better behaviour than do weddings.  I have seen some lousy behaviour in houses of mourning.  I am not entirely sure that their experience is entirely relevant.

That being said, the life of a rabbi tends to have many trips to the cemetery.  it does not have as many weddings.

I am pleased to say though that I have conducted three weddings over the last two months.  I have also been to one post-wedding feast.  That is more weddings than funerals for me.  I have enjoyed it.  It is wonderful to see couples with such big smiles, surrounded by people with big smiles.

Given my experience over the last two months, I must disagree with Kohelet.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these weddings.

Have a good evening.


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