Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Allowance, Clean Rooms, and Creative Parenting...

Top of the day everyone...

Jennifer decided recently that she was no longer worrying about how clean the kids' rooms were.  This has led to a general, long-term state of disarray in their rooms.

Since she thinks this is a non-issue, it makes it difficult for me to make their monthly allowances contingent on the state of their rooms.

Please note - allowances have merit beyond getting money for chores.  They are useful for teaching kids how to budget.

There is a creative solution.  The creative solution is this.  I will give them their allowances.  If the room is not clean to some reasonable standard, I will give them their allowances in loonies, hidden throughout the room.  This will start on January 1st for the boys.  Keren is not quite as bad.

On February 1st, I switch to quarters.  On March 1st, I switch to dimes.  It really is a crying shame that the Royal Canadian Mint has ceased minting the penny.

Have a great day.


Appendix: Turnabout is fair play.  Jesse ordered some books on Amazon this evening.  He had a gift card, but went $30 over the amount of the card.  He paid me back.  He gave me a $20 bill, and 10 loonies.

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