Saturday, December 21, 2013

Free Subscriptions!!

Top of the evening to all...

A friend was over tonight.  He helped me do something with this blog (thanks Bob).  Please do not ask me to help you accomplish it.  It would require more memory space than I currently have.

Anyway, at the top right, you can now sign up to receive updates from my blog whenever I write something.  This is really a personal relief.  I was dropping a fortune in postage stamps.

The downside is this: Canada Post is considering all sorts of ideas to save money.  With the demise of the written letter, it has become more and more difficult for Canada Post to stay afloat.  The USPS is also having this issue.  I fear that being able to have my blog delivered directly to your home will be the final nail in the coffin for both of these historic organizations.

Have a good night.


P.S.  Rest assured that if you choose to receive my blog via e-mail, I will not forward your e-mails to anyone...unless that person pays me a lot of money.

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