Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unable to Leap Tall Buildings...

Top of the evening all...

I had to get home today from the karate studio.  That is roughly eight kilometres.  It was rush hour.  It is a touch ironic that the slowest traffic times are called 'rush hour.'  Luckily, I had my bicycle.  I found a phone booth (no small feat), changed into my cape, and took off.

It was mostly a lovely ride.  I ended up behind a bus that kept stopping at all of the bus stops.  Imagine that.  I finally got sick of it.  Bathurst St was getting too crowded, and the cars were too close to the curb for me to get around them.  I left Bathurst St.

After traveling up the side roads for as far as I could, I ended up directly behind that same bus.  Finally, I was able to get around it at Sheppard.

After that, it was mostly clear sailing.  My friends, I beat the bus getting home.  This is not a statement of any physical prowess on my part.  Rather, it is a statement of the deplorable driving conditions in Toronto.

The more I drive here, the more I like my bicycle.

It is bedtime.


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  1. On my usual 25 minute drive home from York U campus to Vaughan last night it took me 20 minutes just to get from my parking lot to the York U bus way which should only take at the most 2 minutes. The special traffic light for the buses to make their turn wasn't working properly so that only one or two cars could get through at a time. The traffic was backed up almost the entire stretch of the campus road. Once I got off campus it only took 15 minutes to get home. Getting anywhere in this city is no picnic no matter if you are in a car, on a bus or on a bicycle. At least you made it home safely.