Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Get Over It, People....

Good morning everyone.

Imagine...the United States has been caught with its hands in the cookie jar.  The National Security Agency has been listening in to phone calls of our friends in Europe.  Mind you, it is not just Joe Q. Public's phone either.  Amongst other things, the United States has been listening to the phone conversations of Germany's Prime Minister Merkel.

Yawn.  Yawn again.  Reach for cup of coffee.  Sip.  Yawn.

Someone in Israel compared it to Chief of Police Renault in Casablanca being shocked about illegal gambling.

The only thing that the NSA did that perhaps should have been done differently was to violate the 614th commandment: thou shalt not get caught.

Countries have been spying on each other for millennia.  It is likely the second-oldest profession, and has often made use of the oldest profession in this endeavour.  Friendly nations have spied on friendly nations as often as they have spied on not-so-friendly nations.  Everyone does it.  Everyone knows it. Friendly nations do not use the information against friendly nations, as a rule.  Friendly nations also warn each other when there might be a problem.

The only thing that nations do not do is get caught.

Everyone raise your right hand.  Extend your index finger (your INDEX finger) towards the US.  Wag it, and say 'bad!'

Can we please move on to other nonsense now?

Have a good day everyone.


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