Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Good Day Bicycling...

Good morning everyone...

Yesterday was a great day to ride a bicycle.  The weather was perfect...somewhere around 8-9 degrees centigrade.  That is the right temperature.  It is not so hot that one is drenched in sweat upon arrival.  It is not so cold that one must wear every layer of clothing imaginable.

I was headed south on Beecroft, parallel to Yonge St.  I was all the way over in the right lane.  There was a car right next to me, also in the right lane.  There was a car in the left lane.  The guy in the car in the left lane was on his phone.  The guy in the car next to me rolled down his window and told the other guy to get off his phone.  The man on the phone replied with a vocabulary that would get my kids grounded for a while.

The man who was fighting for right and decency in the city continued, telling the man of colourful vocabulary and electronic communicating device that he was a threat to my safety because I was on a bicycle and he was a distracted driver.

At the next light, I thanked him.

Later, I had to get from a turn lane to a centre lane at a traffic light.  This is a tricky endeavour.  Usually it means signalling and taking a good guess as to whether or not the guy behind me is slowing down to let me in, or slowing down because we are in a game of chicken trying to figure out who is going to do what and when.  I finally guessed and made for the centre lane.

We both came to a stop at the traffic light.  I waved to thank him.  He rolled down his window.  We had a very lovely chat in which I told him that I hope I guessed correctly.  I did.  After some more back and forth, we both wished each other a good day, and cheerily went our merry ways.

A nice day indeed...when there was no war between cyclists and cars.

Have a great day.


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