Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beer and Wings...

Top of the evening all...

The running joke betwixt Jesse and me of late is 'beer and wings.'  It is the joke we make whenever we do something manly.*  Tonight was a beer and wings night.

At about 9:00, Jesse asked to play ping-pong.  I had to fix the dishwasher, so I said no.  Whenever I say no, Jesse always somehow manages to make me feel compelled to say "I did not kill your puppy."  In any event, within a couple of minutes we were both trying to get the dishwasher out from under the counter.  The spring on one side of the door had broken.  It was old.  Metal fatigue had worn it out.  If we let go of the door when opening the dishwasher, it came down hard and heavy.

We pulled out the dishwasher just enough.  This is good.  We could not get it out any further.  We checked the good spring to use it as a model to replace the other spring.  Then we replaced both springs, figuring that the other one had also suffered from similar age and metal fatigue and could break at any point.

We were not as careful taking the front apart as perhaps we should have been.  It thus took us about 35 minutes to figure out how to put it back together.

The good news is that there were no pocket screws.  Pocket screws are the screws that remain on the floor after a repair.  When that happens, most people just pick up the screws and put them in a pocket.

Jesse said to me afterwards that it was way more a bonding experience than ping-pong.  It was a total beer and wings evening.

Have a good night.


*Disclaimer - enjoying beer and wings is not limited to men.  Neither is fixing the dishwasher.

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