Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ode to Toy

Sorry about that title.  It was too difficult to resist.

At least 11 years ago, Jennifer and I purchased a Little Tikes wagon.  Its purpose was to haul kids to and from shul when they were too big for the stroller but too small to walk huge distances.  I remember once even using it for both boys and a pregnant Jennifer.  When we moved to Toronto, we used it to haul kids and stuff on the annual "Walk with Israel."  As of last year, we did not require it for that purpose.

This wagon then became our wheelbarrow.  If you look in our backyard, you will note the garden is bordered by R.O.U.S.'s (rocks of unusual size, with respect to "The Princess Bride").  The vast majority of those stones were transported across the backyard or around the house with the wagon.  Many of those stones were moved more than once.

Yesterday, the wagon may have met its demise.  As you might be aware, the city is installing new storm drains around my house.  Right now, the street immediately to the west is dug up.  Gavi found a HUGE rock on it.  He wanted the rock.  We went out there with our little tikes wagon, and watched for about 30 minutes while he dug out the rock and got it onto the wagon.  Alas, one of the plastic wheels has split.  We may have to purchase a new wagon, or maybe a wheelbarrow.

On an aside, we have a Little Tikes 18-wheeler.  My aunt purchased it for Jesse when he was still an only child.  On occasion, Gavi rides it around the house.  Little Tikes is indestructible.

Roll on, dear wagon, roll on.


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  1. We purchased the wagon when we were in Hawaii before Gavi was born. The truck arrived before we left our NY apartment. Jesse was maybe 6 months old when we got it.