Thursday, May 23, 2013

20,000 Hits!!

Shalom all...

Last August, I blogged about 10,000 hits to my blog.  I changed the wallpaper.  McDonald's offered a free cup of coffee that week.  I noted the international nature of the blog.  I do not remember as to whether it was the case then, but there have since been visitors to the blog from every continent.

It is now May, and I am at 20,000.  Some of those are mine, as no matter how many times I tell blogger not to record my hits, it simply refuses to listen.  I will have to find new wallpaper.  Hopefully, I can convince McDonald's to offer the coffee again.

As I always, I appreciate your comments.  Some of you have been gently critical.  Some of you, a little more sharply critical.  We have all endeavoured to maintain some element of decorum though.  It is appreciated.  This is an open, friendly site.

I have several readers who are Christian, despite (because of?) the fact that I am a rabbi.  I find that people who are committed to their faith communities often share values despite having different theological languages underpinning those values.

I continue to be perplexed by certain things.  For example, one of the postings that has gotten several hits recently is entitled "P.S. to My Most Recent Posting."  It was not, or so I thought, one of my more profound postings.

"The Aging Warrior against the Young Prizefighter" posting about ping-pong with a teenager received a couple of comments.  The comment about avoiding high fives was quite funny.  It is interesting to see what interests all of my readers.

Related to that, the "Original Rules of Marriage" posting is by far the most popular.  There are no comments on it though.  I have several others that I thought were interesting and thought-provoking, with responses to Boston, comments on the death penalty, and some rather adult ideas.  There are no comments on any of those.

I will remain confused by those last two paragraphs.  Some items that I thought to be more fluff have received comments.  Postings that I thought should have been worthy of comment have not received so much as a whisper.

Thank you all for continuing to read.  As always, please feel free to comment.  Please feel free to suggest things about which I might write.  I am making this up as I go.

Good night.


R/SCG = Respectfully, Sean C. Gorman  'R/' is a common military way of signing off.

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  1. Ellen Kruger-BloomMay 23, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Congrats and I like the new wallpaper! Very often I choose not to comment directly on your blog because it is a very public forum and some topics I feel are extremely private - not a criticism, just an opinion.

    I never knew that the R in your signature stood for respectfully, I assumed it stood for Rabbi!