Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Okay....So I Do Not Get Birthdays...

Hi all....

Jennifer says I do not get birthdays.  She may be right.  After almost 20 years of marriage, it has only now gotten into my head that she likes a party for her birthday.  Had she not blogged about it, it might still be lost on me.  Sorry will likely not happen this year.  I may remember by next year.  At lest you will get the surprise cake this time.

Here is another thing I do not get.  It seems that as long as the gift is postmarked on time, it is the fault of the postal service if the gift does not get there on time.  Jennifer disagrees with me.  She thinks that gifts should be mailed with a reasonable expectation of being on time.  The postal service assumes blame only when the window of time is sufficient that the parcel can be delivered on time.  I am confused.

I am not sure that this is a point in my favour, but my brother agrees with me.

I am also not entirely certain as to why a gift cannot be purchased the morning of her birthday, as opposed to several days in advance.  I often run out to find something right after minyan.  If it is received on time, it should be considered on time, even though she has to watch the kids while I run around to find something that is not quite right because it is too last minute.

Happy Birthday Jen.

Love, Me



  1. Ellen Kruger-BloomMay 22, 2013 at 11:04 PM

    Sorry, I'm with your wife on the gift part. Specifically it should be in the house the day before so that it can be presented to the recipient first thing in the morning on the actual day being celebrated - unless of course it is held up in the aforementioned mail. In that case it better be worth the wait.

  2. Ellen....She is probably right.


    1. Ellen Kruger-BloomMay 23, 2013 at 11:34 AM

      I would like to amend my previous comment. Same day purchases are permissible if they are fresh flowers and/or freshly baked goodies for a breakfast treat - if you make the coffee and take the kids with you.

  3. I have to go with your wife on the whole birthday and gift giving blog entry. Every year I give my husband a really nice birthday party and the gift is bought a few days in advance. My birthday comes and I get no party (I would really like to have a party) and the gift is bought like you said the day of. This has to be a guy thing. We just celebrated our 6th anniversary and he went out during work to get my gift because he forgot. Then on our anniversary he went to play baseball on a long weekend when we could have been doing something special. Let's just say I was not happy about this.

  4. Every milestone, no matter how small should be celebrated. There's always a reason for a party, how much the moreso when it's a birthday or anniversary.