Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lessons I Learned This Week....

Top of the evening to all...

My congregation hosted a concert earlier this week.  I learned a great deal about people during the preparation.

1.  The committee really, truly, had ownership.  And they seized it.  And we had several nights and Sundays of meetings.  We stayed up late.  We may have quibbled and even been a little testy, but we got it done.

Lesson learned: give people ownership, and they will run with the plan.

2.  I had several people who, for various reasons, did not attend the concert.  At my suggestion, they still bought tickets for me to give to people who wanted to come but could not afford it.

Lesson learned: people like to be given the opportunity to help others.

3.  In the middle of the planning, we came up with a very high donor level.  People at this level received two free tickets and a barbecue at my house the night before with the band.  Several people said yes.  My caterer donated the barbecue.  The band offered to play a few songs for this high level of donor.

Lesson learned: people want to be asked to contribute.  Given the opportunity, and treated with respect, they will do more than the minimum.

(By the way, we had a lovely time.)

4.  One family I knew could not afford it.  Rather than steer some of the purchased-for-others tickets their way, we brought them on as volunteers the night of the concert.

Lesson learned: many people would rather 'earn their keep' than have it handed to them.

5.  We had numerous skill sets in the committee.  We had prodigious computer skills.  We had prodigious organizational skills.  We had legwork.  We had people with more enough time to send the e-mails that needed to be sent.  We had people who knew how to keep track of our expenses.

Lesson learned: redundant skill sets do not get the job done with the same degree of efficiency.

6.  There were some disagreements among the committee.  Imagine that.

Lesson learned: difference of opinion does not equal difference of goal.

My friends, some of my loyal readers were privileged to join us for Rocky Mountain Jewgrass.  If you were not, seek the opportunity to see them.  We had a wonderful evening at the Pride.  They had a wonderful variety, and a great rapport with the audience.

Have a good evening.


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