Monday, June 17, 2013

Another 20 Snippets

Top of the morning all...

Jennifer wrote 20 snippets for 20 years of marriage.  We get to that point in July.  The challenge for me is that I have to think of something similar.  The good news is that she gave me a month's notice.

1.  10:30 pumpkin time...yes, it is true.  I am a typical male.  Head on pillow = instant sleep.  I remember talking with Jennifer about this.  I said to her that if you turn off the engine on the car, but it keeps knocking around, it means that something is very wrong with the engine.  Jennifer's response to me was that women tend to be more like computers.  Computers do not just turn off.  They have to shut down each and every program, one at a time, before finally calling it a night.

2.  I remember the first barbecue we bought.  We had just gotten to Hawaii.  Jennifer said that I should have purchased a larger grill.  As much as I have drilled into the kids' heads that real men cook with fire, the truth is that Jennifer is every bit as comfortable as I am on the barbecue.  Don't worry.  Keren also hears from me that real women cook with fire.

3.  We are talking about going to Prince Edward Island (PEI) on frequent flyer miles this year.  I do not think it is going to happen, but we have not been able to talk about a 'go-somewhere' vacation just for the two of us since two of us became three.  It will hopefully happen in a couple of years.  To talk about it is a huge step.

4.  I want to go to PEI because it is relatively flat, and thus Jennifer will be willing to ride bicycles.  I think her priority is seeing the sites connected with "Anne of Green Gables."

5.  Over the 20 years, we have had four cats.

6.  Whenever Jennifer is making something that requires hard-boiled eggs, she always makes an extra for  me.

7.  (Nothing to read here.  Certain things should remain between spouses.)

8.  The kids are not allowed to play us against each other.  Still, they know we are different.  They know we will respond to certain things differently.  They ask me when it involves staying up later on a non-school night.  They ask Jennifer when they want to have a take-out picnic on the den floor while watching a movie.

9.  We used to hire a babysitter so that we could go to the supermarket together.  Once, the babysitter had to come a little later than we otherwise might have liked.  She was teaching her brother to shoot a BB gun.

10.  We bear each other's grudges, lest our own grudges get us in trouble with those who can cause us significant concerns.

11.  Jennifer really likes action movies.  She mentioned "The Dirty Dozen."  She also likes "Demolition Man."  I like "When Harry Met Sally" and "Shall We Dance."

12.  We both trust each other's driving.  I usually do the distance driving.  Jennifer usually does the city driving.  We only have one car.

13.  I have never understood the need for 17 pillows on the bed.  I do, however, understand that Jennifer might think an extra blanket is necessary.

14.We support each other professionally.  Both of us play the dutiful rabbinic spouse at each other's professional obligations.  As Jennifer said, as a rabbinic team, we are a formidable pair.  We function well as an extension of each other.  This lends a fair amount of depth to the work that we are both able to do.

15.  As much as Jennifer thinks that Jesse is a miniature version of me, it is not entirely true.  For starters, he is almost the same height.  We can do away with 'miniature.'  That being said, I see a fair amount of her in all of them, particularly in their artistic expressions.

16.  Jennifer has directed a play on Broadway and in the Greater Los Angeles theatre scene.

17.  Jennifer prefers craps.  I prefer blackjack.  We have not been to a casino in years, and I do not think we have ever been to one together.

18.  Jennifer insisted that I purchase my tuxedo for our wedding.  I had to take it out a little bit, but it otherwise still fits.  It was a good investment.

19.  Jennifer prefers opals and sapphires to diamonds.  I prefer chocolate.

20.  Every once in a while, Jennifer stops everything to work on the kids' scrapbooks. has been an amazing 20 years.  Jennifer - I love you, and let's get to work on the next 20.


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