Monday, January 28, 2013

West End? Should've Bought Broadway...

So I mentioned that we saw "Les Miserables" recently.  Keren is completely taken with the play.  It is in her alarm clock, which goes off twice a day.  She likes to go to sleep with it also.  Our house is all "Les Mis," all the time.

When she woke up the other day, I walked into her room at "Castle on a Cloud."  She did not see me walk in.  She was singing along.  I listened.  The kid is good.  She would do a great job playing the young Cosette.  If someone could please pass that along to central casting, I would appreciate it.

The disk we have is the London West End recording.

My daughter sings "Les Mis" with a British accent.

Just for the record.  She was born in the South.  She started speaking in New York.  She has lived most of her life in Canada.  I have pieces of a New York accent in my speech, and can easily do a southern drawl.  Jennifer probably sounds like she is from the Northeastern part of the United States, with a specific twinge of Boston on very rare occasions (odd enough...she is from New York).  No one in this family speaks English with a British accent.  I spent three days in London back in 1988.  Jennifer has passed through Heathrow twice.  That is simply not enough to make a difference.

Oh well...she sounds great.

Good night.



  1. My youngest daughter can do the same with Phantom. It's a gift she takes for granted, sadly. She could have had a scholarship and opened a wide variety of doors for herself but has kept it denied and hidden under a bushel. Perhaps in time?

  2. Yes I have a tinge of Boston, but also New York, North Carolina, and, oddly, South Africa. We're lucky the boys don't sound like the south.