Monday, January 21, 2013


Top of the evening everyone.

We went and saw "Les Miserables" 10 days ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought the filming and drama in the song "One Day More" was stunning.

It was a little bit upsetting that they cut out half of "Castle on a Cloud."  It is Keren's favourite song.  She sings it beautifully.  "Les Miserables" is coming to the Toronto stage this fall.  I hope Keren can get  a part in it.

Anyway, Keren has decided that she would like the CD in her radio to wake up every morning.  That is easy.

Segue to Gavi...Gavi loves the music to "Man of La Mancha."  I have seen that play twice.  The first time was at the Little Theater in Norfolk, VA.  It was a little theatre.*  The second time was in front row mezzanine seats on Broadway, with the massive, moving stage and set.  It was two different plays. Gavi reminds a little bit of Don Quixote.  He has decided that he would like the soundtrack to "Man of La Mancha" for his alarm clock in the morning.

Their rooms are next to each other.

Besides being remarkably different soundtracks musically, they do not work so well together.  I find it difficult to listen to "I Dreamed a Dream" and "The Impossible Dream" simultaneously.  It is downright schizophrenic.

Have a good night.


*Please note: I have deliberately switched spellings for theater/theatre.

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