Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Communication among Federal Agencies

Top of the evening everyone.

United States Navy Chaplains serve with the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Merchant Marine, and with the Coast Guard.

For the next 11 months, I am with the Coast Guard.  This is exciting.  I have never been with the CG.  There is a steep learning curve.

While navigating the learning curve, I also have to do a fair amount of paperwork.  The reason is that the Navy is part of the Department of Defense (DoD).  The Coast Guard is Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

It would be a lovely thing if these groups would learn to communicate.

I have to get a new travel credit card.  My current card is DoD.  I need one from DHS.

I had to forward my DoD security clearance to the Coast Guard.  They can use the DoD clearance, but they do not have direct access to it.

While I am at it....

Thankfully, the Coast Guard issues uniforms.  One of the quirks of the US Military is that officers buy their own uniforms.  When one is a chaplain, able to serve with many services, that can get quite expensive.  If nothing else, I may have to build a new closet soon.

Some things I have to buy though.  I have to buy my sew-on collar insignia.  It is a special order.  The cost per insignia is $4.50.  I need two devices.  One should logically conclude that the net cost to me would be $9.00.  The company that makes them will not make less than 20.  I have the uniform distributors looking into it.  

The same problem holds for the shoulder boards.  The uniform distributors in theory should be able to get mine for about $32.  It is not an item they stock though.  For me to order directly from the manufacturer will cost me $57.  I do not know how this will turn out.

This is exciting though.  Apparently, there will be a requirement over the summer for two chaplains to ride a cutter up in the Arctic.  I naturally volunteered.  Hopefully, I will get picked.

Have a good night.


P.S.  UserDanD - thank you for your comments this morning.  I am glad you found me.  I did not know I was lost.  


  1. Page 12 of about 5,730 results (0.24 seconds)

    That's how long it took to find this one obscure reference to Userdand on Gooogle. I like to run a search from time to time to keep me alert to just how little anonimity and privacy we really have. I have a friend whose brother used to be in Naval Itelligence. He says we don't know the half of it. Talk about paranoid; he refuses to allow a cordless phone in his home.

    Anyway, I clicked on your username on the PHEA blog and "found" you here. I commented on Lance Armstrong and your daughter's singing voice, or more accurately, MY daughter's singing voice. I get emails about posts and comments On PHEA but don't get there often as I am pretty blog laden as is. I'll try to stop in more often. I do have you bookmarked. And Jen was right. You should have bought an "American" car, or did someone give you such a deal like so many other things in your blessed life.

  2. My oldest son was an Air Force CMSgt with 7 years in and tons of cross-training. He wanted to make it a career. Stationed in Alaska, NJ, and a tour in Saudi Arabia. They then stationed him in Valdosta, GA. He had a flare up of asthma and it was goodbye: medical discharge. I am sure they had nearly $100K invested in him by that time. It would seem like he could just be stationed somewhere his allergies would not be a problem and they could continue to amortize out their investment expenses. My tax dollars at work.