Monday, January 17, 2011

Words That Do Not Exist in English

Some words do not exist in English. One of them is 'tiyul.' 'Tiyul' is a Hebrew word in the gerund form of the verb 'l'tayel.' It means to 'take a day and bounce around town.' 'We are tourists here. Let's tiyul around and see what there is to see.'

I tiyuled around today. It was a nice trip, about 10 kilometres each way by bicycle. I stopped off in different stores. These were stores out in town. There was an arts and crafts store (avodat yad). I went into a musical instrument store. I know these are stores that cater to Americans. Still, they were run by real Okinawans. The things I bought were made by real Okinawans. It was a nice day.

I found a set of Okinawan castanets for the boys, and a tchatchke for Jennifer. As well, there is something new to hang up in the sukkah this fall. You should add one new decoration to your sukkah each year. Now, I only need a fridge magnet. Best of all, I got to meander. We are on yet another 96-hour weekend due to Martin Luther King's birthday. If I got back late, it did not really matter. I can sleep in tomorrow.

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