Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Hi all....

Our revels now are ended. The lunacy that has been my life over the last several months has reached a conclusion. The Navy actually did not have a legal way to keep me in Okinawa as long as they wanted. The result of that is that they cobbled together various types of orders to keep me there as long as possible. They ran out of money.

As such, on January 26th, I boarded a plane, then another, and then another. I arrived in Toronto on a flight from Chicago last night. I am sitting at my kitchen table. There are icicles outside my window. As well, there are snow flurries.

The driveway is shovelled.

Two interesting notes: the duty free store at Narita Airport allows you taste samples before making a purchase. If you ever get there, I recommend the local plum wine. It was wonderful. Nonetheless, I purchased one of the Japanese whiskies. As concerns the free sampling, let us just say that I was in a wonderful mood when I got on the plane.

The other interesting note: I called a taxi to take me from the lodge to the airport. I very specifically told the taxi company that I was paying with a credit card. The machine in the taxi did not allow my card for some reason. I think it only would accept Japanese cards. Because I knew I could pay with my card, I had no cash. I am now home. Over the next day or two, I will go to the bank and get a check made out to the tune of 7946 yen. I will then mail it to the driver. It never occurred to him that I might do otherwise. Luckily, I am the type of person who would not even consider doing otherwise.

As concerns the title of this blog, one of my three suitcases liked Chicago so much that it decided to stay there.

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