Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Parenting

Hi all.

There is a young couple currently across the hall from me. She is pregnant. Good for them. For the second time this week, I found her outside having a cancer break (cigarette). I asked about it. She said she is stressed, but would not elaborate.

There are certain habits for which I have zero tolerance. Cancer sticks are one of them. Apparently, I have less than zero tolerance for them in certain cases. I asked the mom to answer the following: when the baby is out, will you place a pillow over its face when you are stressed? The answer, thankfully, was no. She did not answer me though when I asked her why she was doing that now.

It is now time for a sermon. First though, we have a multiple choice question.

When do we become parents?

A. When the baby comes
B. When we find out about the pregnancy
C. When we make the decision to have a baby

If you chose 'A', read on. My answer is 'C'. It is at that point when we must start thinking past our own wants and needs. The pre-natal vitamins must start. Alcohol consumption must drop precipitously. Dimmer switches and cabinet locks must go on the proper places. As well, we must look at a much bigger vision of the future. We must take active steps to be healthy. Bringing a child into the world is the biological part of becoming a parent. Biology is not the only ingredient though.

'B' could be the correct answer also. Not every pregnancy happens with planning.

End of Sermon. We continue now with Ein Ke-lo-heinu on page 167.

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