Sunday, November 15, 2015

Apparently, We Still Have Paris...

Bon soir mes amis...

Back in January, Paris, the City of Lights, was attacked.  Citizens of Paris were massacred for cleaving to an ideal that the beasts in ISIS cannot seem to accept - freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

The City of Lights went dark Friday evening.  The beasts in ISIS attacked again, murdering over 130 people who were simply out and about for the evening.  President Hollande finally said that this was an act of war.  I am uncertain as to why the attacks of January were not an act of war, but at least he has finally realized it.

Today, French airplanes attacked an ISIS command centre in Syria.  The intelligence needed to carry out such an operation did not come into the hands of the French only over the weekend.  One then wonders that if this was a known command centre, why did the bombing of this command centre take place the day after the goings on in France as opposed to the day before?

To President Obama, you commented that these terrorists should be brought to justice.  With respect, perhaps, but only as captured POW's.  We are involved in a war with them.  To treat this only as a criminal matter will not lead to a satisfactory conclusion.  Furthermore, wars are not won in the air, and they are not won with special forces.  These pieces are vital, but wars are won eyeball to eyeball on the field.

To Prime Minister Trudeau, I understand the promise that you made to bring Canada's six fighters back from that region.  I urge you to reconsider.  Standing with France must mean not leaving all of the dirty work to them.  It must mean that we here in Canada understand that an attack in Paris can just as easily be an attack in Ottawa.  It must mean that the security apparatus of Canada recognizes that we can fight the war in Syria and Iraq, or we can fight it here, but we are going to have to fight it.  I think of the quote from Leon Trotsky: "you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."  As well, my Jewish soul demands that you fulfill your promise on bringing refugees into Canada.  I remind you though that when attacks in the past have happened, you have asked what the motivation of the attackers was.  The motivation of these refugees is that their homelands are being torn to shreds by the very people who perpetrated the attacks in Paris.  The refugees are better off not having to be refugees.  Help them not to be refugees.  Help them to live in a homeland that is safe.  Last, when I applied for my permanent resident status in Canada, I had to get police certificates from all of the places I have lived.  If the folks at Immigration Canada were so concerned about me, a commissioned officer from an allied nation, there must a vetting process to match that concern with the refugees.

To the entire European Union, if you continue to delude yourselves that the disintegration of the Middle East has to do with whether I purchase products from Judea and Samaria, you will continue to throw your efforts at a non-solution to a non-problem.  Whether there is a another attack will no longer be the question.  It will only be a question of Berlin, Rome, or Copenhagen.

To the people of France, we send our deepest sympathies to you.

When I wrote the blog entry on the first attack in Paris back in January, I wrote that "we make a gravely wrong assumption when we assume that the line between Jewish and anything else is as significant to the murderers as it is to us."  Friday's attacks prove how utterly wrong that assumption is.  These attacks did not take place in a synagogue.  They did not take place in le Quartier Juif.  The people were murdered for being French, for being Parisian.  Religion had nothing to do with the choice of victim.

Sleep easy my friends.


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